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2022/2023 Lego Challenge

Enter as an individual, group, classroom or school.

Theme: A marvelous feat of engineering  

Challenge: Using only Lego skillfully put together a Lego object that displays design and engineering. The build can use engines, machines, and structures to create a unique object that shows what you can do with Lego. It may be something as simple as building a house or creating a working Robot, the ideas and possibilities are endless. 

Judges will be scoring the builds with the following Rubric (Click Here)  

Blue ribbons will be awarded in the following categories:
  • Best School Submission 
  • Best Classroom Submission  
  • Best Grade K-2 Submission 
  • Best Grade 3-5 Submission 
  • Best Middle School Submission (Grade 6,7,8)
  • Best High School Submission (Grade 9-12)
  • Engineering Award (Multiple)  
  • Creativity Award (Multiple) 
All Submission are Due Feb 28

Fill out and submit the form below and complete an optional short video about your Lego project. You will also be encouraged to bring your Lego to your school Learning Commons for the judges to review. 

All Lego can be picked up from School after April 1