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Curriculum Feedback

Curriculum Engagement Summary

The following summary is comprised of feedback gathered at two parent engagement sessions hosted via Teams on Oct. 19 and Oct. 27, as well as the feedback survey hosted on the Division Community Engagement website.
The areas for feedback on the website were based on the areas of feedback that Education Minister Adriana LaGrange requested from Alberta School Board Association (ASBA). Lethbridge School Division trustees will provide feedback to ASBA. The ASBA will summarize feedback from the different school boards in a briefing for the Minister. Thank you to parents and community members who provided feedback! It is very thoughtful and thorough. Your feedback will help the Board provide feedback that is informed by stakeholders.
To view the feedback, please click on the link below:


Curriculum Review and Feedback Session

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Meeting Link

Feedback: Draft Alberta Education K-6 Curriculum

The Alberta School Board Association (ASBA) has tasked school boards with providing feedback regarding the Draft K-6 Curriculum planned for implementation in the fall of 2022. ASBA will be putting together a feedback report to the Minister based on the feedback the different Boards bring to ASBA. Lethbridge School Division trustees believe it is important to represent the perspective of their constituents in the feedback document we will develop.

Please read through the information below and scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the feedback form. 

Information Links

Alberta Education Curriculum Website for Draft K-6 Curriculum. You can look at the curriculum by key themes (literacy, numeracy, citizenship, practical skills) or by subject. There are some two-page summaries that help to convey what the theme/subject content is focusing on.  
Link: Draft K-6 curriculum | Alberta.ca

Alberta Teachers' Association analysis of the draft curriculum written by curriculum specialists and including survey information from teachers across Alberta. “Professional Curriculum Analysis and Critique of Alberta Education’s 2021 Draft K-6 Curriculum."
Link: COOR-184 Curriculum Response Report.indd (teachers.ab.ca)

Alberta Curriculum Analysis. This site has links to numerous organizations/individuals that share perspectives regarding the Draft Alberta K-6 Curriculum.
Link: General – Alberta Curriculum Analysis (alberta-curriculum-analysis.ca)

Curriculum Comparison (compares current curriculum with the Draft Curriculum. Link: Alberta Curriculum Comparison 2021 (curriculum-comparison.com)

Lethbridge School Division Curriculum Brief to the Minister - April, 2021
Link: 343812 (lethsd.ab.ca)

Strategy for Gathering Feedback

Background Presentation with Group Feedback

Date: Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. A link will be available on the Division website.

Background information pertaining to the development of the curriculum will be briefly presented as well as the major topics that the Minister has requested feedback on.

Participants who would like to engage in group break-out conversations will move into a group for discussion. Groups will bring back their main ideas to share with other participants. The information will be summarized for the Board report to ASBA.

Feedback Loop on the Division Engagement Website

The feedback loop was open until Nov. 2 to all individuals who wished to provide feedback. The loop contained three key areas for feedback that is requested by ASBA: developmental appropriateness, diverse populations and cultures and content.