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Jan. 26 government update

GOVERNMENT UPDATE: New public engagement to strengthen draft K-6 curriculum

Albertans will now have more opportunities to give feedback on the draft K-6 curriculum through regional online engagement sessions

Alberta’s government is committed to engaging with Albertans and listening to all feedback on the draft K-6 curriculum and draft social studies design blueprint. Last fall, in-person engagement sessions were postponed due to the pandemic. Considering current public health measures, the government is providing new virtual engagement sessions to hear diverse viewpoints from Albertans.

“Alberta’s government promised a year-long consultation process with multiple ways to provide feedback on the draft K-6 curriculum. These new sessions will enable Albertans to have focused conversations and share specific, constructive feedback on the draft blueprint and subjects they are interested in. I encourage Albertans to participate and have their say. The steps we are taking now to listen to additional input will help ensure our elementary students are learning from the best curriculum possible.”
- Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

The virtual sessions will be held from Jan. 31 to Feb. 28 across all five regions: north, Edmonton and surrounding area, central, Calgary and surrounding area, and south. Regional sessions will enable communities to share local insights and unique perspectives on the draft K-6 curriculum. Sessions will include focused, small group conversations facilitated by independent engagement specialists. During each session, the draft K-6 social studies design blueprint or one draft K-6 subject will be considered and discussed so Albertans can provide insightful feedback.
Albertans can sign up for notifications about upcoming engagements and register for sessions at alberta.ca/curriculum-have-your-say.aspx.

This spring, Alberta’s government will carefully consider the feedback from all engagement opportunities and classroom piloting. This input will be used to finalize the social studies design blueprint, develop the corresponding draft social studies curriculum and further revise all subjects in the draft K-6 curriculum.

Quick facts

  • At least 44 virtual conversation sessions will be offered across five regions at various times to meet Albertans’ individual interests and schedules.
  • Albertans are encouraged to participate in their own region, but they have the flexibility to attend any session that works best for them.
  • Up to 120 Albertans can participate in each session.
  • Albertans younger than 18 may participate with a parent.
  • The French First Language and Literature session will be facilitated in French. Sessions for all other draft K-6 subjects and the draft social studies design blueprint will be in English. Live closed captioning and French facilitation will be provided for English sessions as needed.
  • Albertans can also continue to take the online survey until the end of February at alberta.ca/curriculum-have-your-say.aspx.