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School design events hosted by Division schools

On Oct. 20, Lethbridge School Division hosted Design Concept Engagement events at various schools to help shape a new K-5 elementary school in the community of Garry Station. The sessions were intended to gather a wide perspective of issues and concepts that will be used in the design for the new school.
Because of gathering size limitations, there was a small group of invited participants. Teams made of one administrator, two staff members and two parents, as well as Trustee Elects, were hosted at each of the west Lethbridge elementary and middle schools. Schools that hosted events included Mike Mountain Horse, Dr. Probe, Nicholas Sheran, Coalbanks, G.S. Lakie and Senator Joyce Fairbairn.
Daniel Heaton, Architect and Director of Facility Services for the Division, guided teams as they worked through thinking routines to discuss what they liked and do not like about current school spaces, and to review area and adjacency constraints and opportunities. Teams then used a school site map and blocks that represented the spaces that are to be in a school to produce a 3D idea of their concept, based on their discussions.